Armenian terrorist organization ASALA threatens Azerbaijani diplomats

In connection with the extradition to Azerbaijan and pardon of Ramil Safarov Armenia and Armenian Diaspora continue to escalate the artificial stir and set international opinion against Azerbaijan, the AzerTAc agency reported. Armenian terrorist organizations, inspired by inciting and aggressive stance of the Armenian government, threaten the diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis abroad.

As is known, the Armenian terrorist organizations, which have for many years taken root in the West and in some Eastern countries, at times intensified, committed actions that led to the loss of many lives, and after carrying out their mission continued to work in illegal conditions. The result of the atrocities of these organizations is numerous terrorist attacks in the 70-80s of the last century all over the world against Turkish diplomats, and later against the citizens of Azerbaijan.

The document, received on September 3 by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Hungary from the ASALA Fighters terrorist organization, calls as a target Azerbaijani diplomats, Azerbaijani students studying abroad, businessmen, activists of diaspora organizations and states that they will be killed.

The international community, which in the XXI century is waging active war on international terrorism must take more seriously the threat of Armenian terror, prevent a recurrence of many human tragedies occurred in the recent past.

AzerTac offers the text of a letter received by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Hungary and other countries from the ASALA terrorist organization.

“Azerbaijani and Turkish murderers!

If you believe that by releasing murderer by the name of Ramil Safarov, you defeated the Armenians, you are wrong.

During all stages of the history the Armenian people experienced great suffering, but have always been able to be themselves. Armenia is surrounded in the west by Turkey, in the east by Azerbaijan and its allies – the Zionists.

Political, economic and military attacks carried out by you against Armenia have always come to grief. Thanks to our resistance, honor and perseverance, despite the fact that we have a small population, your pan-Turkic efforts to eradicate the Armenian people have constantly failed.

The genocide committed by Turkish murderers at the end of the last century, which is characteristic of the Turks and resulted in the murder of 600,000 Armenians, lives in the memory of the Armenians. We take vengeance for this genocide today, supporting and giving directives to military operations of PKK.

Every day we increase the number of dead bodies of Turks until the number of dead Turks reaches not 40,000, but 600,000.

Your bloody and barbarous contempt, hatred and aggression towards neighboring nations will come back to you with three times of hatred and revenge.

We will inundate you with blood of innocent people shed by you.

While dead bodies of Azerbaijanis killed by us in Khojaly are still rotting, we increase the number of dead bodies of Azerbaijani soldiers at the border of Karabakh.

Please note, we send you this message.

In the near future the employees of all Azerbaijani diplomatic missions will be killed in a way that we have not used before.

Rashad Safarov – your punishment is death!

Eldar Aliyev – your punishment is death!

Anar Imanov – your punishment is death!

Lala Safarova – your punishment is death!

Huseyn Jafarov – your punishment is death!

Vugar Aliyev – your punishment is death!

Gulnara Mammadova – your punishment is death!”

Defense Ministry: Azerbaijan has capacity to protect officer

The homecoming and pardoning of an Azerbaijani officer as a result of President Ilham Aliyev’s personal efforts were greeted by the Azerbaijani people as a great event. In the enemy country, this event has caused protests and hysterics, Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesman Eldar Sabiroglu told reporters on Tuesday.

“It is not necessary to prove that this issue, which is regarded as a failure of government policy of Armenia, has created serious problems for Sargsyan’s regime. Trying to calm the population, the Armenian leader resorted to various methods, tough statements, designed for his political salvation. However, they do not work. So, staying true to tradition, Sargsyan chose the path of eliminating Safarov through terror, and, according to the released information, gave his instructions to the relevant authorities,” Sabiroglu said.
Azerbaijani Defense Ministry states that Azerbaijan has the capacity for advance measures, to protect the life of its officer and to stop this low intention of the Armenian president, who has particular expertise in terrorism.
“These threats against Azerbaijan do not matter, the time of conversation in that language has long gone. It would be nice if Armenia realized that there is a new political and legal situation. If so, they will be able to imagine a situation that may arise in the region,” Sabiroglu said.
One can not ignore the concerns of some external forces about return of Safarov to home thanks to the cooperation of Azerbaijan and Hungary.
He said “we have not witnessed proper assessment of occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory, killing of people and expulsion of about one million innocent people from their native land. When it came to us, they have always been silent, and then begin to talk about justice and human rights”.
Only for the Khojaly tragedy, for the children beheaded there, for murders of pregnant women and the elderly regime of Sargsyan and Kocharyan had to appear before an international court, Sabiroglu said.
The direct role of Serge Sargsyan in the Khojaly genocide is an undeniable fact. At one time gave an interview about this without pangs of conscience. He has no right to speak of justice, humanity, conscience and human values.
“Speaking of stir, raised by Armenia, the Defense Ministry states that it no longer has any importance. Homecoming of our officer should be regarded as a triumph of justice and the Azerbaijani diplomacy,” Sabiroglu said.

04 September 2012