Protest actions against Iran’s anti-Azerbaijani policy held in Netherlands and Sweden

The Benelux Azerbaijanis Congress (BAC) which was held in The Hague protested against Iran’s anti-Azerbaijani policy.

The action under the slogan of ‘Iran, hands off Azerbaijan!’ was held in front of the Dutch parliament, BAC told Trend on Monday. The protesters condemned the anti-Azerbaijani propaganda being carried out by Iran, and said that Tehran’s actions constitute interference in the internal affairs of the independent state of Azerbaijan.

The action’s resolution notes that some members of Iranian political circles are concerned with the dynamic development of Azerbaijan which, according to the authors of the document, may give impetus to stirring up the national liberation movement in South Azerbaijan.

“Unfounded allegations and statements against the Azerbaijani state continue to be heard in Iran. There are attempts to create the appearance that the Azerbaijani authorities are allegedly strangling freedom of religion,” the appeal says.

At the same time Iran itself shows disrespect to the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities, violates the rights of 35 million Azerbaijanis living in Southern Azerbaijan, by taking away their right to education in their native language, to national identity, promotion of customs and traditions and purposefully tries to destroy this nation, the statement says.

Azerbaijanis living in Sweden as a protest against Tehran’s attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan held a demonstration in front of the Iranian embassy in Stockholm. The action was attended by representatives of the South Azerbaijani Independence Party, the Congress of Azerbaijanis in Sweden, the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Southern Azerbaijan, the World Azerbaijanis Congress and other societies. Protesting against the assistance provided by Iran to Armenia, and friendly relations with the country-aggressor, as well as against violations of 35 million Azerbaijanis living in Iran, the protesters chanted slogans like ‘Stop aid to Armenia, which occupied Azerbaijan’, ‘No road from Tabriz to Armenia!’, ‘Hands off independent Azerbaijan’ and ‘Stop stoning women in Iran’.

Speaking at the protest action, the Swedish representative of the South Azerbaijani Independence Party, Fartash Samad, chairman of the Congress of Azerbaijanis in Sweden, Jawad Derahti, a board member of WAC, Mammad Azar, and others condemned the anti-Azerbaijani policy of Iran and demanded an end to it.

At the end of the action, a board member of WAC, Aida Amir Hashemi, voiced a statement from the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Southern Azerbaijan, the text of which is printed in three languages and handed over to the Iranian embassy in Sweden.

Azerbaijanis living in UK and Canada hold protest actions against Iran

Azerbaijanis living in the UK in protest against the interference of Iran in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs and violation of human rights of 35 million Azerbaijanis living in Iran held a demonstration in London.

During the protest action, held in front of the British government, the participants condemned racist and aggressive policy of the Persian regime, sounded the slogans “Stop ethnic cleansing in Iran”, “Long live union of Southern and Northern Azerbaijan”, “Turkic people – heroes, they never bowed to Persians”, “Caspian Sea is ours”.

The action took place without incident, at the end the declaration was read out.

A similar rally was held by the Azerbaijanis living in Canada. Protest action which was held in Toronto centre, and lasted two hours, was attended by Azerbaijanis and Turks. The demonstrators strongly condemned Iran’s discriminatory policy against Azerbaijanis, steps aimed at destructing their native language, handed out leaflets to members of the public containing information in English about the gross violation of human rights and freedoms of Azerbaijanis living in this country.

The number of protest actions held on Saturday and Sunday by Azerbaijanis living in various countries around the world to protest against Iran’s interference in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan, as well as a gross violation of rights of Azerbaijanis living in Iran has reached ten. Protest actions will continue this week.

21 May 2012