April 24 Demonstration Outside Turkish Embassy In Washington

Turks and Armenians held demonstrations on opposite sides outside Turkish embassy in Washington on occasion of April 24 the day Armenians commemorate the anniversary of the 1915 incidents.

Turks from Washington and New York as well as Azerbaijani people gathered outside the embassy, carrying flags of Turkey, Azerbaijan and the United States as well as banners marking massacre by Armenians against Turks.

Armenians also carried banners against Turkey and called U.S. President Barack Obama to recognize 1915 incidents as a “genocide” during their protest.

Later Turks and Armenians dispersed peacefully.

Turkish Ambassador to Washington Namik Tan invited Turks and Azeri people to the embassy.

In address to the crowd, Tan said, “we are proud of our history.”

Turkish nation did not want any problem with any country, he said, adding that they did not have any problem with Armenian people, either.

25 April 2012