Armenian Treachery at Gallipoli

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“”” HE WHO WORSHIPS TWO GODS SHALL BECOME THE APOSTATE OF THE TWO “”” (Ismet The Historian ) chapter 1, verse 1 of my new book.
The Gallipoli war ( Dardanelles Expedition) came about as a direct result of Armenian spies passing on strategic information to the British. In return, the British would give land within Turkey to the ethnic Armenian population, upon winning the war that is, and usurping Istanbul.
The British Dragoman , Edmund George Fitzmaurice, and British Ambassador, Sir Louis Mallet, could not have gathered such important information themselves; so they sought the help of the obliging and smiling Armenians to furnish Kitchener and Churchill with the information they wanted.
The Armenian population ate and drank at both Turkish and British tables.

But, unbeknownst to them, a great man’s career was quietly reaching fruition. This man was to cut short the dreams of Churchill, and would soon begin to pull Turkey from the ruins like a great “”Phoenix rising from the ashes””.
This Great Man of the Twentieth Century needs no introduction.
Ismet The Historian


“Ismet the Historian” goes on to report:

Winston Churchill and Lloyd George had a private bet as to which month in 1915 they would take Istanbul. Plans by the Bank of England to allot the gold expected from this expedition were also underway. A big slice of it would be reserved for the Armenians.
Armenians were also poisoning Turkish troops’ food supplies that were destined for Gallipoli, with arsenic and other substances supplied by the British. Luckily, the substances’ effect was reduced due to the lengthy time it took to reach the soldiers at Gallipoli.


The Armenian Diaspora and the trans-migrant nature of these people, is not a result of previously living in Anatolia. “ No.” It is because of their kleptomania and implacable nature that they do not acquiesce with their neighbour’s. 

The Young Turks gave them every possible chance. But the Armenians chose to flaunt their aversion to number ten of the Ten Commandments.

(“THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOUR’S HOUSE, NOR ANYTHING THAT IS THY NEIGHBOUR’S.”) They actually thought that the Turks could be got rid of from Turkish soil for them to take over the land. If this is not forsaking the tenth commandment, then I don’t know what a renounceable act is, against one’s faith. 

Armenian propensity towards a feeble and surreptitious promise by the British, that Turkish soil will soon be the property of Armenians, shows how Armenians covet their neighbour’s house and wife. They helped the British mount the greatest naval onslaught the world has ever witnessed against the Turks during the Gallipoli war. Churchill planned the Dardanelles Expedition to take Istanbul on the strength of the information received from Armenian spies living in Turkey.

Maps supplied by Armenians, detailing strategic Turkish positions and garrisons, bedecked Admiral Carden’s table aboard the British Flagship, the destroyer, Queen Elizabeth. Equipped with the deadliest new 16 inch Guns that could out-fire the two battleships the Germans tricked Talaat to accept as a gift. 

Alas, for the Allied Dominion Forces, the maps were not required. A commander of the newly formed Turkish nineteenth Army was to shatter this utopian “Armenian-British” dream.