Tehran wants ‘to subjugate Baku’

 Vice Speaker Bahar Muradova said something interesting in parliament on 14 February, while sharing her concern about Iran’s protest note to Azerbaijan. She said we are unlucky when it comes to our neighbours. Analysing recent events in the region, it is not possible to disagree with her. Indeed, only a bad neighbour could do what Iran has been doing against Azerbaijan. Iran has shown its ill intention towards us since Azerbaijan gained independence. It has formed a network of mosques in Azerbaijan to serve its purposes. As a result of Iran’s aggressive policy, today, Azerbaijan cannot exploit the Alov oil and gas field in the Caspian Sea. However, this deposit was at one time in the waters of the USSR. Its discovery is associated with Azerbaijani geologists who explored these waters. In subsequent years, Azerbaijan officially signed an agreement with BP to exploit the deposit, but due to the military intervention of Iran, the deposit cannot be commissioned yet. And it is not even worth talking about the opinion that the Sahar TV channel, undoubtedly financed by the Iranian state, has formed about our country. Even hostile Armenian TV channels don’t spread such propaganda about Azerbaijan. What does Azerbaijan do instead? Azerbaijan has always tried to consider the sensitivity of its big neighbour. Actions against Iran have been neutralized in the country. For many years Baku has been trying to save neighbourly relations with Tehran for the sake of stability in the region. In the hardest times when all attention is directed on military intervention in Iran, the Azerbaijani president openly stated that our country would not allow its territory to be used for military operations against Iran. Despite different encouraging proposals and pressure, Azerbaijan has never joined the allies against Iran. Baku officially recognized Iran’s right to nuclear research for peaceful purposes. And all of this was done when Azerbaijan exposed some provocative acts planned by Iranian special services in its territory. Talks at different levels were held with this country in this regard and evidence was presented. But all of this was not appreciated. On the contrary, Iran’s threats to Azerbaijan have recently become more obvious. Some Iranian officials openly began to interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan. Iranian ayatollahs gave a death fatwa to Azerbaijani citizens and hacking attacks were launched against the websites of several ministries and information agencies. And now, this note issue… It is as though Iran is acting on the principle of “get them before they get you”. Maybe some in Tehran naively think that by doing so, they will be able to put everything they did against Azerbaijan on the back burner. But no! The matter is crystal clear. Iran wants to have hegemony over the region. The regime in the neighbouring country wants to do whatever it wants to Azerbaijan and to subjugate Baku. But the Tehran mullahs forget that showing their attitude in such language gives no effect, because even Russia and the US, who outweigh Iran in their power and position in the world, cannot talk to Azerbaijan in such language. Alarm and confusion can be seen in Iran’s recent behaviour. Tehran has lost its way in the blockade which is gradually tightening by the US and its allies. The mollahs’ regime cannot find any way of salvation and is, therefore, trying to show its power not to its enemies but to its neighbours, such as Azerbaijan. And the result of this policy today is that Iran is isolated from the world arena. Observing ongoing events, one is convinced that it would indeed be very dangerous for a country such as Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. If Tehran is so aggressive without having a weapon, imagine what it would be like if it did have one. Given all of this, the opinion that Azerbaijan is unlucky when it comes to its neighbours is nothing but the truth. When people have bad neighbours, they try to move elsewhere and to save themselves. But a country does not have this chance. Therefore, Azerbaijan has to become stronger and stronger to cope with its ill-intentioned neighbours. News.Az

Ilham Guliyev

15 February 2012