Dey 1st)[December 22nd]JalilAlamdarMilani, GhaderNorouzi and Ali Sirnak were released from Tabriz Prison having served their terms of imprisonment. These Azerbaijani activists had been arrested on Shahrivar 2nd[August 24th] in the dinner party in Tabriz and then had been sentenced to 4 months’ imprisonment and 20 months of suspended imprisonment.

Dey 3rd)[December 24th]MehrdadKarami, a university activist from Zanjan city, was arrested inside Tabriz University and was taken to the information office of Tabriz. He was kept in custody for several days before having been taken to the prison of the Information Office of Zanjan. His family was denied of any information about his condition for a long time. No more details are known about his accusations or his state. MehrdadKarami is an electrical engineering student at the State University of Tabriz. The judge has not granted his request for taking his term final exams. He is the former secretary of the Azerbaijan-Shenasi Club of Tabriz University and has already been arrested several times due to his activities.

Dey 3rd)[December 24th]YousofEslamdoust, an Azerbaijani of Kura-Sunni denomination, together with 6 other people was executed in Urmia Prison on charge of drug smuggling.

Dey 4th)[December 25th] Abbas Eskandari was released from prison on a 300-million-rial bail. This civil activist had been arrested on Azar 30th[December 21st] in Qoshachay (Miyandoab) city and had been beaten while being interrogated.

Dey 4th)[December 25th]YounesSoleymani was sent to Ardabil Prison to serve the rest of his imprisonment sentence. This political activist had been arrested last year and had been kept in custody for 5 months before being bailed out on a 200-million-rial bail. Enghelab court of Tabriz has sentenced him to 6 months in prison. He has already been expelled from Hamadan University.

Dey 8th)[December 29th] The third court hearing investigating SaeedNa’imi’s charges was held at the first branch of Enghelab court of Tabriz by Judge Hamlbar. The judge allowed his detention order to be substituted for bail order.

Dey 10th)[December 31st]SaeedNa’imi was temporarily released from the Central Prison of Tabriz on a 700-million-rial bail after having been kept in custody for 9 months. This ex-university activist who was also a member of the policy-making council of the office for consolidating unity, had been arrested in Karaj city in Ordibehesht [April] and had then been moved to the Information Office of Tabriz.

Dey 11th)[January 1st] Ali Soltani, cultural activist, was arrested in Qoshachay city. After having been interrogated for several days in the Information Office he was sent to prison. This cultural activist was temporarily released from prison on Dey25th[January 15th].

Dey 11th)[January 1st]RaminJabrayili was arrested in Tabriz. He was released from the Central Prison of Tabriz on a 200-million-rial bail on Dey18th[January 8th].

Dey 12th)[January 2nd]MeysamAzadi was sentenced to 91 days in prison. The court-martial of Urmia convicted him to causing destruction to the public property, spying and forming groups which had part in the demonstrations in Urmia, and he was sentenced to 91 days’ imprisonment and 3 years’ suspended imprisonment. This civil activist who serves his military service had been arrested in month Shahrivar[September] in Tehran and after being interrogated for several days had been taken to the Information Office of Urmia. He was released on Mehr10th[October 2nd] on a 1800-million-rial bail.

Dey 12th)[January 2nd]The second court hearing  of EbrahimRashidi, Mansour Seyfi, IlqarMoazzenzadeh, AydinZakeri, JafarAghamohammadi and FardinNobakht, civil activists from Ardabil, was held in Meshkinshahr.

Dey 14th)[january 4th] The court hearing of BeytollahMohammadi (SaeedMughanli), famous Azerbaijani poet and writer, was held at branch no. 5 of the penal court of Tabriz. He is charged with gaining illegal money by attending the journalism course of Qafqaz. He had been sentenced to 6 months’ imprisonment at the first branch of Enghelab court of Tabriz on charge of propagating against the regime. This civil activist had been arrested in month Khordad[May] and had then been bailed out in month Mehr[October] on 500-million-rial bail.

Dey 17th)[January 7th]BehrouzFaridi, LeylaBehrouz and SiyavashMohammadi were released from Tabriz Prison each on a 400-million-rial bail. These civil activists had been arrested this Aban [October/November]in Tabriz and are charged with propagating against the regime and congregation and conspiracy against the government.

Dey 20th)[January 10th]MoharramKamrani and SalehMollaabbasi were sentenced to 6 months’ imprisonment. The first branch of Enghelab court of Ahar city has sentenced these political activists to imprisonment on charge of propagatory activities against the regime and participating in groupings intending to overthrow it. These two Azerbaijani activists have been several times arrested and interrogated during last years.

Dey 22nd)[January 12nd]Hamideh (Pinar) Farajzadeh, political activist, was sent to the Central Prison of Tabriz to serve the remaining one month of his 6-montht imprisonment sentence. She had been arrested last year and had been kept in custody for 5 months. The second branch of Enghelab court of Tabriz had sentenced her to 6 months in prison on charge of membership in GAMOH party, participating in propagatory activities against the regime and taking measures against the national security.

Dey 25th)[January 15th]ShahrokhZamani, an activist of the labor syndicate of Tabriz, was arrested at his workplace to be taken to prison to serve his sentence. This Mordad [July/August] he had been tried in Enghelab court of Tabriz and had been sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment which was upheld by the appellate court. Among the charges of this leftist labor activist are: forming an illegal group opposing the regime, participating in propagatory activities against the regime and insulting The Leader of Iran.

Dey 26th)[January 16th] A number of the fans of Shahrdari of Tabriz soccer team were arrested after the match of this team vs. Perspolis of Tehran. Among them was HosseynSadoughi who was temporarily released the next day on a 100-million-rial bail.

Dey 26th)[January 16th]AlirezaHosseynzadeh, Azerbaijani cultural activist, was released from the Central Prison of Tabriz after 138 days. He is the director of Qaya Azerbaijani dance group who had been arrested this Mehr[October] at his private house and had been taken to the Information Office. He is charged with conspiracy against national security.

Dey 27th)[January 17th] Mohammad Jarrahi, a labor activist, was arrested and taken to the Central Prison of Tabriz to serve his sentence. He has been sentenced to 5 years and 6 months’ imprisonment and had been temporarily released on a bail. Officers arrested him at his house and took him to prison. NimaPouryaghoub and SasanVahebivash are summoned to serve their sentences as well.

Dey 27th)[January 17th]PeymanPakmehr, a journalist and the manager of Tabriz News website was arrested and taken to Evin Prison in Tehran. He has been arrested simultaneously with the new wave of journalists’ arrest even though he has not been involved in the journalism arena for a time.

02 February 2012