Azerbaijani MPs propose to change country’s name

A number of MPs are proposing to change the name of the country at the meeting of the Milli Majlis (Parliament of Azerbaijan) on Wednesday.

The public proposal is to change the name of the Azerbaijan Republic to Northern Azerbaijan, the MP from the ruling party Yeni Azerbadzhan (NAP) Siyavush Novruzov said.

“There are examples of North and South Korea, North and South Cyprus in the world. It would be advisable, if Azerbaijan as a divided state would be called Northern Azerbaijan” Mr Novruzov said.

Two-thirds of Azerbaijan is situated in South Azerbaijan, and one-third to the Republic of Azerbaijan, the chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan holistic (PNFTSA), MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev said.

“So there is every reason to rename our country in North Azerbaijan” Mr Hasanguliyev stressed.

Since the Gulistan and Turkmanchai treaties have been made against the will of the Azerbaijani people, they must be revoked, Mr Hasanguliyev said.

Despite the fact that the history of Azerbaijan knows the times when it was integral, it isn’t reflected by legal documents, MP Fazail Agamali said. If the next referendum is held it must be added to the article 11 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan that Azerbaijan consists of Northern, Southern and Western Azerbaijan, Mr Hasanguliyev concluded.

01 February 2012