Iran’s hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan arouses

Iran continues to carry out their intentions against Azerbaijan despite the fact that Azerbaijan is friendly to Iran, Chairman of the Ana Vatan party, MP Fazail Agamali told Trend.

Agamali said, Iran’s hostile attitude towards Azerbaijan arouses. “Iranian mullahcratic regime continues to make slanderous remarks against Azerbaijan, and statements that do not meet ethical standards,” Agamali said. Agamali said, Iran is ready to declare war to the whole world.

“Iran is looking for enemies in every state. The main cause of the current plight of Iran is in the mullahcratic regime. The whole world is waiting for Iran to stop nuclear weapons production, but the country does not attach any importance” Agamali said.

Agamali noted that mullahcratic regime is trying to deceive the whole world and is ready to make all effort for it. “Iran, which cooperates with Armenia, helps it in every possible way to continue its aggression against Azerbaijan, Iran does not act as a true Muslim state” Agamali said.

23 January 2012