International Press Institute issues statement on murder of Rafig Tagi

The International Press Institute (IPI) has issued a statement condemning the killing of writer, publicist Rafig Tagi, information department of the IPI’s Azerbaijan National Committee told APA.
Head of IPI’s Azerbaijan National Committee Umud Rahimoglu said IPI Press Freedom Manager Anthony Mills condemned the murder. Anthony Mills considers that Rafig Tagi was killed for his articles, but they do not have any fact proving that Iran backs it. “We strongly condemn this murder. We do not know who backs this murder, we do not have a concrete fact. We call on the Azerbaijani authorities to take urgent steps to find the participants of the crime. The International Press Institute is concerned over the unsolved crimes against journalists in Azerbaijan, because impunity increases the danger to journalists. We offer condolences to the family, relatives of Rafig Tagi and our colleagues in Azerbaijan.”
The statement also includes the words of Umud Rahimoglu. “As soon as I heard about Rafig Tagi’s death, I went to the hospital. I grieve over the death of Rafig Tagi. My colleague, a journalist was killed. I condemn his murder. I want the murderers to be found and to stand trial,” he said.
The statement also mentions Rafig Tagi’s articles about Iran, his arrest in 2006.

28 November 2011