Writer Rafig Tagi dies

Writer Rafig Tagi, who was undergoing treatment in the Clinic Medical Center, died.
Head physician of the Clinic Medical Center Terlan Babirov told APA about it. Deputy Head Physician Adil Salahov told APA that the writer died at 15.20. The patient’s state suddenly got worse and he vomited. The doctors placed him to the intensive care department. Despite the necessary massage and the other interferences, it was impossible to save him Deputy Head Physician noted that the concrete reason of the death will be determined by pathologist-anatomist: “We are waiting for arrival of the officers of law-enforcement bodies and investigators. Then the reasons of Tagi’s death will be investigated”.
Rafig Tagi was knifed by unidentified persons at the bus stop in Khatai district on November 19. He was hospitalized in critical condition and underwent surgery.

23 November 2011

Baku. Ramil Mammadli – APA