Urmu Gölünün kurudulmasıyla ilgili, Türk Güney Azerbaycanlı çocuğdan, dünya Çocuklarına İngilizce bir şiir



Lake urumiye is dying, drying out!
Get help, try and shout
If it dries out, it’s going to be a big hit.
But we can save it!

A big salty surface is now whats left of the beautiful lake
Just try and get help for god’s sake
The fish, sea plants are going to die
And all we do is sit here and sigh

So try and remember…
Lake urumiye is dying, drying out!
Get help, try and shout
If it dries out it’s going to be a big hit
But we can save it!!

This poem is written by me. I have got the idea from Gunaz TV which really inspired me by the animated information given to the children on TV about lake urumiye and how it is drying out.
I really think that we can help save it. The anti-democtractic regime of iran is the main problem why the lake is drying out. They have blocked the dams around lake Urumiye which would have provided the lake with enough water for it to survive, but they are keeping them blocked. The anti-democratic regime of iran is a very selfish government. They can easily save the lake by opening the dams around and letting water in. They have “reasons” to keep the dams closed. Many people have been arrested while they were protesting against the regime and telling them to open the dams to  stop the beautiful lake drying.

By: Sevin Erdebilli from Azerbaijan (South)
27 September 2011