Azercemiyyet’s email to UNEP about the disastrous situation of Lake Urmia

 August 23, 2011 

 From: Dr. Manaf Sababi Chairman of Azerbaijani Swedish association AZER Malmö, Sweden

To: Mr. Nick Nuttall Office of the Executive Director United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

CC: UNEP, Vienna International Centre;;

Dear Mr N. Nuttall

As far as I understand, according to the Malmö Ministerial Declaration of 31 May 2000, UNEP is the only nominated authority of the United Nations system in environmental issues to keep the global environment under review and bring emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action. In addition the program of the UNEP aims to seek and minimize environmental threats to human well-being from the environmental causes and consequences of disasters. You may already know that the third largest salt water lake on earth is drying by every day and every week, yet the government of Iran won’t take any measurement. Last week a proposition by Member of Parliament from Urmia to save the lake was rejected by majority supporting the hard-line of government and thereby all hope to save the lake by way of authority disappeared. Lake Urmia (Azerbaijani:Urmu Golu اورمیه گولی; Persian: دریاچه ارومیه Daryâcheh-ye Orumiyeh) is a salt lake in northwestern Iran, near Turkey. The lake is between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan. It is the largest lake in the Middle East, with a surface area of approximately 5,200 km², 140 km length, 55 km width, and 16 m depth. On behalf of our Swedish Azerbaijanis members in AZER Association I am writing to bring your attention to the problem and argue you to demand the Iranian authorities to take immediately measure to save the lake.


 Dr Manaf Sababi

 +46 703591315